Certified Nurse Practitioner

Meet Mary J Jordan

Our mission at Encompass Wellness is to partner with patients on their healthcare journey to get to the root of their problems and reverse disease rather than treat the symptoms. The journey to better health involves taking a functional and integrative approach to evaluating the many factors that affect a person's health. Our ultimate goal is to use a combination of Hormone Replacement Therapy and functional/traditional medicine in partnership with patients to optimize their wellness and quality of life.

Mary J Jordan is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for people and a great desire and curiosity to get to the root of every problem -especially when it comes to medicine. She graduated from Western Iowa Tech Community College in 2007 with an Associate's degree in Nursing. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at St. Luke's College in 2017 and went to Morningside University for a Master's of Science in Nursing, completing her degree in 2020.

Choosing to become a nurse practitioner was initially a decision based on the desire to care for people while maintaining her work/life balance, as she knew this was pertinent to preserving her and her family's health. However, during her NP training, she realized that the traditional approach to medicine primarily focused on treating disease with medication rather than finding the root of the problem. It was through her discontent with the "traditional" medical approach that she ultimately stumbled onto Hormone replacement therapy (HRT). She found this was the first stepping stone on the journey to wellness. A lifestyle incorporating diet and exercise after getting hormones in line could reverse the many ailments and health issues associated with aging. She did not want to settle into the system of "that's just how it has always been done." She embarked on a journey to find a practical medical approach to reversing chronic disease and doing something more than "just prescribing pills." She wanted to talk with patients about their lives, obstacles, stress, sleep, and lifestyle habits, to truly understand their problems and discover what would work best for each individual.

She currently resides in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, with her fiancé Alex; as a combined family, they have six children and one grandchild. She greatly enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, exercising, and being in and on the water (pool, lake, or ocean)!