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~Ancient Medicine for a Modern World~

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Hello Beautiful Soul and welcome!

In order to restore balance, you must bring harmony to the soul! Our mission here at Earthwalk is to raise the vibrational frequency of this planet, one soul at a time, and we're honored you have been guided here. Our purpose and passion is to walk with you along your journey and empower you to tap into your true potential by discovering your innate ability to heal your mind, body and soul.

As humanity heals, and our vibrational frequency rises along with Mother Earth, we are encouraged to release all that no longer serves our highest good. This is an exceptional time in our existence where we are able to clear everything, and merge timelines in a positive and uplifting way, in order to ascend.

We have helped hundreds of souls transmute their pain into purpose. Dissolving the shame and guilt and breaking free from the limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding them back. We share the power of possibility and illuminate the path for others to create thriving and awakened lives!

Mischá is a much-loved Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive Healer and Master Ceremonialist. She suffered immensely before waking up to her true nature and stepping into her spiritual gifts. Her path has been one of transcending adversity, trauma, and many dark nights of the soul in order to help YOU activate the codes within you to create your most authentic and aligned life!

Her background in psychology, prior career in counseling, expertise in trauma and addictive behaviors, and two decades of experience has led her to the creation of her private practice where she holds safe and sacred space for you to open and unravel all the things you'd rather keep hidden in the shadows. To truly feel seen, heard and held without judgment.

She combines the best of evidence-based practices, ancient wisdom, and indigenous practices with the power of mentorship to empower you to get out of your head and into your heart so YOU can embody your highest potential ~ mind, body and soul!