get to know our spa, before you even arrive.


I've never had a procedure done at a medical spa before. What can I expect?

As soon as you walk into our spa one of our staff members will greet you, provide a beverage, and get you started on paperwork as soon as you arrive. Our spa is a very relaxing environment as any spa should be, with a touch of boho vibes and the sound of our water fountain. To get a virtual tour of our spa, please see our page Spa Tour.

If you have questions about an individual procedure, please visit All Services to get a better understand of each service offered to you.

How do I make an appointment for services?

Great question! You can either call us at 605-799-3644, or click the Schedule Now button at the top of the page. We are so excited to have you!

How do I know how many treatments I will need?

Each client is different. Our licensed professionals will consult with you and do an assessment to get a better understanding of you, your lifestyle, and your skin. To complete a free consult, please Schedule Online, or call us at 605-799-3644. We look forward to hearing from you!

What is the difference between a medical spa and a regular spa?

We're glad you asked. The biggest difference is that a medical spa is actually operated under a medical director, who oversees all of the training and procedures taking place within the facility. 

Our experienced and licensed staff members go through extensive practice and training to offer these services to our clients. KJ Relaxin Medical Spa operates under Dakota Plastic Surgery. 

A regular day spa provides services like massages, hot stone therapy, manicures/pedicures and mask facials, etc and may not require all staff members to be licensed to perform services.